Southern California's Video Experts


VIDEO MECHANIX strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced products & services

VIDEO MECHANIX was formed to address the need for a reliable, local service provider to install and service video systems in Southern California. With all the consolidation & acquisitions occurring these days, the company that installed your system might not be around anymore. Or, you may have installed your own system and now you're having problems... who do you call for service?

VIDEO MECHANIX understands the needs and concerns of homeowners, small business owners, HOA's and Property Management Companies in the community and we deliver quality service and products at an affordable price.

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Video Surveillance Sytems document incidents of vandalism, shoplifting, theft, robbery and other suspicious behaviors. Don't wait until something happens... be proactive and install a system today.
Today's Video Surveillance Systems provide remote access to your business or property via iPhone, Blackberry and Android powered SmartPhones.
Now you can keep a watchful eye from almost anywhere!